1、我死后还会听见你的声音,我在墓中的灵魂依然欢欣。(If I were dead and buried And I heard your voice, Beneath the sod My heart of dust Would still rejoice。)

2、山林仙女从阿克罗斯伦安山,皑皑白雪里升起。(Arethusa arose From her couch of snows.In the Acroceraunian Mountains.)

3、我会在那街角转身走,你留在这里,开车离开,答应我目送我离开好吗,然后就此开车,各走各路。(I'm going to that corner there and turning,You stay in the car and drive away,Promise not to watch me go beyond the corner,Just drive away and leave me,As I leave you.)

4、每个城市都有令人难忘之处,这很难说哪个...,罗马!我最爱罗马,我在罗马的日子定会毕生难忘。(Each in its own way was unforgettable. It would be difficult to... Rome! By all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory,as long as I live. )

5、我不知道该如何道别,我说不出话来。(I don't know how to say goodbye,I can't think of any words.)

6、午夜会有南瓜车接这灰姑娘走。(At midnight I'll turn into a pumpkin and drive away in my glass slipper.)

7、人生总不如人愿的。(well,life isn't always what one likes.)

8、世界需要的...是给友善正直的青年人回报...(What the word needs...is a return to sweetness and decency in the souls of its young men and....)

9、我可以做梦寐以求的事,我希望整天都能随心所欲,我想坐在路边咖啡室,逛商店,在雨中漫步,找乐子,甚至是寻求刺激。(I could do some things I've always wanted to,You can't imagine,I'd like to do whatever I like,the whole day long,and I'd like to sit at a sidewalk cafe,look in shop windows, walk in the rain. Have fun, and maybe some excitement. )

10、我厨艺了得,可以此维生,我也懂缝衣、打扫、慰衫,家头细务我样样精,只是从没有机会为别人做。(I'm a good cook. I could earn my living at it,I can sew too, clean a house, iron,I learned to do all those things,I just haven't had the chance to do it for anyone.)

11、好精辟的见解(That was a shrewd observation)

12、待我另谋高就时,我会想起你。(When i'm back in a real newsroom,I'll think of you.)

13、做人要冒险(Live dangerously)

14、愿望成真的机会甚渺茫。(Anyway,the chances of it being granted are very slight.)

15、没酒量的人就不该喝酒。(You know,people who can't handle liquor should't drink it)

16、青年人,她认为他们是主人翁,带领世界迈向更美好的未来。(Youth,She felt that the youth of the word,must lead the way to a  better world.)

17、“我睡过头了,人谁无过?”“若你起床后有看早报,就会发现这些大众关注的小新闻,而不会跟我扯这种谎天下之大谬”(“All right, I overslept. It can happen to anybody.”“If you ever got up and read a morning paper,you might discover little news events,little items of general interset,that might stop you getting immersed in such a gold-palted”)

18、你不必陪我做这些无聊事.(You don't want to do a lot of silly things. )

19、“那祝他身壮力健”“人人都跟他这么说的”(“Well, here's to his health then”“You know, that's what everybody says. ”)

20、自认是记者,那就无往而不利。(Oh,you say you're with the press and you can get away with anything.)

21、我从未见过你这种大好人。(I've never heard of anybody so kind.)

22、你实在慷慨无私.(or so completely unselfish.)

23、真可惜我不能煮一顿晚饭。(I'm sorry I couldn't cook us some dinner.)

24、殿下,你得体谅我要尽忠职守,正如公主也有其职责。(Ma'am, you must appreciate that I have my duty to perform,just as Your Royal Highness has her duty.)


25、大人,我相信你不会再这么说,若我不清楚自己对国和家的责任,今晚我就不会回来,该说永不会再回来,我明白今天的工作会十分忙碌,现在你们可以退下了。(Youe Excellency,I trust you will not find it necessay to use that word again,Were I not completely aware of my duty to my family and my countey,I would not have come back tonight,Or indeed,ever again,And now,since I understand we have a very full schedule today,You have my permission to withdraw.)

26、你休想坐地起价,我们早有协议。(Don't think you'll raise the price,a deal's a deal,Now come on.)

27、我对此充满信心,正如我对人与人之间的关系一样。(I have every faith in it...as I have faith in relations between people.)

《这个杀手不太冷静》的经典台词/语录/对白 电影台词


1、打牌,有的时候就像人生,你永远都不会知道,下一张是什么。 2、当你被枪指着的时候,一般会有两种选择,束手就擒,或者奋起反抗,但对于一个经验丰富的杀手来讲,其实选择只有一个,那就是束手就擒。 3、打...
《长江妖姬》的经典台词/语录/对白 电影台词


1、美人何荡漾,江上风月长,红汤别过往,白汤断思量,待妾消瘦尽,鸳鸯共朝阳。 2、五更颠风吹急雨,倒海翻江洗残暑。 3、江中鱼翔底,天空鸟飞林。 4、江南可采莲,莲叶何田田,鱼戏莲叶间,鱼戏莲叶东,鱼...
《狙击手》的经典台词/语录/对白 电影台词


1、见火再敲,后发制人。 2、狙击五班上战场,抗美援朝气胜钢,正义之师终得胜,人间正道是沧桑。 3、江南牡丹朵朵红,二郎广州降孽龙, 三人结拜情义重,四海龙王在水中,伍子胥临潼斗过勇,六国苏秦把相封,...
《不要忘记我爱你》的经典台词/语录/对白 电影台词


1、那个人带着爱情离开了,那个人只是旁白之中的过渡。 2、要多少任性的表情,要多少矛盾的声音,要多少相互交换的秘密,才能构成我与你。 3、要多少贴心的决定,要多少无憾的自信,让你成我这生守护的回忆,就...


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